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Born to a theatrical family, Eric Dean Klassen: AKA Eroc,
is no stranger to the stage.His first dramatic performance being at the ripe old age of eight years old ! Having studied classical piano from age seven, Eric did not discover the  guitar until he was fourteen. In just three years time and still in high school he was playing the club circuit in Milwaukee with his band Dead Egypt.Other projects to his credit include; Wyred, , Young Heroes and Black Frog.
Eric has studied music theory at NYSU , UWM and the Wisconsin Conservatory.He has also received formal training in film and video production.He has utilized 
his talent and skills to produce dozens of raido spots,
jingles, theatrical soundtracks, music videos  and over a hundred television commercials! Aside from his live performances he presides as CEO of Big Time Music Inc. located in Milwaukee WI.

Eric currently tours with the band Black Frog and takes two versions of his solo act , ( Eric Dean and Erich Von Klassen) , on the road as well.
​His mastery of the guitar,soulful vocals and unique 
songwriting continue to WOW audiences wherever he performs.